House Majority Forward Announces $20 Million Voter Registration and Grassroots Mobilization Campaign 

September 5, 2023

Initial Investment Includes Outreach to Black, Latino, AAPI, and Native American Communities

Washington, D.C. – House Majority Forward is announcing an initial $20 million investment in voter registration and grassroots mobilization. The campaign includes a comprehensive, data-driven approach to registration and mobilization efforts in communities across the country. 

House Majority Forward’s voter registration program will be focused on young people and Black, Latino, AAPI, and Native American communities. Additionally, House Majority Forward is investing in a comprehensive operation that mobilizes both newly registered and less reliable voters, and our programming will prioritize outreach to communities of color as well as youth, with an emphasis on college campuses.   

“House Majority Forward is committed to expanding the electorate and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard on Election Day,”  said House Majority Forward Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell. “We must fight against those who shamelessly attempt to disenfranchise voters and look forward to playing a key role in empowering communities across the country.” 

Regions in this campaign include: