Our Priorities

Economic Growth and Opportunity

America can only be strong when all Americans have access to good paying jobs and the opportunity to earn new skills and advance. We believe in a living wage, health care for all, affordable educational opportunities for all, and policies that will create jobs throughout the country.

Social Justice

Americans deserve to live in a country that treats all people with dignity and respect. House Majority Forward supports policies to end discrimination of all kinds and guarantee equal access to opportunity for all people in all parts of the country.

Environmental Stewardship

Protecting our environment for this generation and future generations must be a higher priority. We support creating new jobs in the transition to renewable energy, by investing in new energy and transportation infrastructure, strengthening policies that protect our air and water, and addressing climate change.


Put simply, our democracy is under siege by leaders seeking to disenfranchise voters. We support efforts to ensure all voting-age Americans are registered to vote and that it is easy to exercise that right.